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Our Vision

The concept of dwelling is unique to humans. All other species on the planet are content to simply find shelter, but somewhere deep within us is the need to make a home. We yearn to live at peace in a protected place that reflects our unique identity. At Indwell people are at the center of our design process. We strive to listen well and communicate effectively. The goal is to craft spaces that reflect your individual needs, goals, and desires in a way that allows you to feel connected and at peace in the places where you live, work, and play.



We hired Joel and Indwell to do the design for an addition to the 2nd floor of our home. He did an excellent job of helping us determine what was possible and came up with a great floor plan to maximize the space. After creating the drawings he continued to help us as we worked through the contractor bidding and then the actual build. He was always available to answer questions and even helped with design elements. We highly recommend him!

Andy Gifford

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